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fiber one. >> shepard: cops are accusing a cleaning laid of taking one wild joy ride on a train. police say the woman was hired to clean the train. instead decided she wanted to drive the train. as you can see, she did. she took it a mile to then of the line and it kept going and crashed into an apartment building. the victim was the only person hurt. sofar, cops have no motive. this is stockholm, sweden. snowing into the apartment. in st. louis, no updates, just another school shooting at this four-year school. an arts college, fashion, design and the like. the early reporting is that 21-year-old student was upsit with a financial adviser, went in and shot that financial adviser and then shot himself. they're in the lpt. police are investigating. we will take you there tonight
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on fox report. the dow is closing, the final bell is ringing. it is up on the session. it was down all day and went up. why? i don't know why. >> neil: we are watch it would go stories developing simultaneously at this hour, first, of course, the latest school shooting, this time at a college in st. louis. we know two who were injured. we are hearing one is a school financial adviser. the other, presumably the suspect, said to be in police custody with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, all on the evrksze of the president's gun control plan and his assault on assault weapons. we are keeping on top of that with the likes of missouri senator roy blunt to git his read on all of that. meanwhile, to washington... where you issue being looing live at a boat on an -- i voight on an amendment to match dollar for dollar, whatever aid is coming to sandy victims in
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budget cuts. we have a senior capitol hill producesser in the thick of t. we will have the guy behind that amendment in just a second. first to chad on where this aid is going now. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this is an amendment on the floor right now, offered by republican congressman nick mulvane tow institute an christmas-the-board cut of 1 pbt.6% of all discretionary spending, the funding that congress is responsible for each year, including defense. what mulvaney wants to do with this amendment is offset some of the costs of the sandy bill, worth $17 billion. mulvaney said, look, we want to get the mon tote folks in new york, connecticut and new jersey. he is from south carolina. they certainly get hurricane there is. but he says, if these tough budget times, we have to offset this. >> neil: the amendment isn't given good prospects in the house. a lot of republicans are scared of the response that they got
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from chris christie, the governor of new jersey, when he said, quit pussy footing around and get the aid out. how important is that just to get this off their back? >> reporter: that's incumbent on a let of members here. a congressman from new york, managing this bill. she said, no offsets. chuck schumer said yesterday, if we start offsetting disasters, we will never pay for disasters. there is a lot of pressure there. jim moran, a democratic congressman from virginia said, look, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, the golden rule here. probably the most compelling thing on the flower all day was from michael grimm, republican congressman from staten island, a district that was flattened by the hurricane. he talked to a young mother and she said, we are okay.
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but at night, when it starts to storm, my kids start crying because they think another storm is coming. it's the stories that rez nailinate with the people here on capitolh here. >> neil: your heart pulls one way. your mind pulls another. if you buy global warming and seeing a lot more storms. let's say they are $60 billion a clip. we have to if i understand a way to pay for this, not this isly with pork, but address this in a more rational, reasoned manner. i don't know if this is the time or if this is the day, but we have to do something. >> reporter: this came up in the meeting of the house rules committee, where they key up the piece of legislation for the floor. they said in the japanese legislature, they have a committee that is set aside to deal specifically with disasters. if you talk to people with con edison in new york, they will say four of the five worst problems in terms of keeping the lights on have come from the big snowstorms and the hurricanes and so on. people are wondering, should we approach disaster funding
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differently? the most democratic force in the universe is natural disasters. if it is not a hurricane in new york and connect keck, new jersey, guess what? it will be the earthquake in california. the wildfires in the west. that's what some of these members -- that's weighing on them. >> neil: it's fair to say that the mulvaney measure will fail. what does that say about future aid packages? >> reporter: that's the trick. we will see. there is another amendment that a lot of people are watching closely, offered by a new jersey district in northern new jersey, hit very hashed by there storm, neil. $33 billion. a lot of republicans don't like the cost of this bill. they are starting to say, what about -- what are the immediate needs here? there are other efforts to peel back the total cost. there is an amendment to cut about $9 million for some islands off the coast of connecticut that were damaged, used for environmental research. john flemming, a republican
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congressman from louisiana says, this is not an immediate need. why is this in here? they are trying to cut back the smaller funding that some described as pork when the bill came out of the senate, right after christmas. >> neil: you are an encyclopedia. this is what they are voting on in the house. this is the mulvaney amendment, aimed at matching dollar for dollar, whatever you grant in sandy aid, you make cuts in other budgets, by his math, 1.6% in discretionary spending to pay for what could be a $50 billion tab. this is not going to get in the way of folks getting sandy aid. this is said to be more perfunctory. they have some of the pork out of these various measures. but it will be perhaps late into the night before a package is done and agreed to. now to the politician who said, well, have you to pitch the pork or he is going to pitch a fit. get this, this guy is from new
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york. new york city council says it doesn't do the constituents any good if so much of that sandy aid isn't doing any good for them. councilman, how do you feel about what they are kicking around? >> $16 billion in future spending, that's not emergency aiding, that's not helping anyone on the ground. it is increasing our national debt n. 2009, when president obottomma was running -- you know, running around the country talking about we can't mortgage our future, we can't have the credit card mentality of george bush where you are giving chine at credit card and walking away and putting the debt on our kids. now all of a sudden, it's okay to do it. there is emergency relief and then there are general fund issues. the fact is, we talk about $12 to $16 billion that won't be spent now, talking about the remediation effort. alaska fisheries. that's still in there. future spenning,
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infrastructure-- you -- >> neil: you tell your constituents you are getting this aid, up to a third isn't coming to you so i would rather spike the two-thirds? >> no, no. the house should have been stripping this in committee and sending it back to the senate and let them send a pork-free bill -- >> neil: but they didn't do that. >> we have to get spending under control. that's the reality. unfortunately, this country has to deal with this economic reality. you know what? my constituents are going to pay for it in their taxes. what no one seems to want to talk about in the media. yes, congress will pass an emergency bill and exceed the spending cap congress voted on and then your taxes will be the makeup for that because there is no other place to get it from. >> neil: i admire your guts to stand up to the likes of chris christie, who said, quit playing games and pass the aid. you are saying, we are playing game fist we pass this kind of aid.
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>> chris christie is a great governor. he's right. the emergency aid nides to be there, the money that will go to the local community, which is about $17 bimmion of this $50 billion aid package. so we bailed out the fema relief insurance fund. okay? we know that that has been operating at a deficit. it's still in the red right now. this is going to prolong the agony. if we don't fix the core spending problem, we are not going to have money for another disaster. >> neil: i suspect they won't. they have taken some of the fat out. but i am talking in terms of million, not billions. >> million, not billions. >> neil: by the end of tonight, they will have gotten the sandy package out. you fear it's a continuing precedent for spending bad money after good. >> it's the nature of the device they are using to do t. emergency spending and including in emergency spending line-item
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spending -- want the way it's supposed to be done. we know the government takes in "x" number of dollars and it's lg willing to borrow "x" number of dollars, for the ceiling. for every $6 of $steb, it's borrowed money! we are spending less than we are taking in in revenue. at this point, that comes home to haunt you. i am saying the victims didn't nide the money, we don't need to spend $16 billion on things that don't have to do with victims. >> neil: bottom line, if there are other storms, we don't have a rainy-day fund. >> we don't. we can't by law have a rainy-delay fund -- have a rainy-day fund. wall street's numbers are down, in terms of taxes that we are collecting. the city's going to have to make up billions of dollars this year. what's the federal government going to do when that money is not in the coffers? >> neil: thank you very much. meanwhile, looking live at yet
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another school shooting at st. louis. this one, ahead of the president's new gun control plan. we are on at the eve of his assault weapons assault. how this and this debate could affect us. much more. as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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>> neil: almost four weeks to the day after a shooting in connecticut, another one in st. louis, although this, a lot less disastrous, a lot less scary, but scary enough. all of this in st. louis, involving not only a shooter, but apparently a st. louis school administrator. we are going to have a lot more details on this as well and check with roy blunt, a missouri senator in just a second. this occurs on the eve of the president's all-out assault on assault weapons. according to many of his critics, taking executive actions to do something, seizing on evens like this that are
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intrinsically unconstitutional. among them, crystal wright. what is your fear when you hear of events like this, that we compound them -- taking executive orders, what? >> well, neil, first of all, i hate to hear about any massive shooting like this. i think it really-- the nation needs to come together and talk about the more systematic problems within our society that are causing these young men to kill like this. back to the president's executive order, we know that the president is threatening to issue 19 executive orders around the second amendment and gun control. and i think that, when you have policies of this magnitude, where you have democrats who believe in the second amendment, where you have republicans, emotions are running high, american people deserve public hearings, neil. we can't have the president saying, i don't want to work with congress on something like -- as really emotionally charged as gun control.
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i want to bypass congress and the american people and do what i think is best. that's not the american way. we saw the president do this, neil, with immigration, right in and the dream act. right before the campaign was over, he said, i am going to grant through executive order, amnest tow a million illegal immigrant kids who came here, if they were under 31, they could stay in the country, if they had a job or were going to college. i think this is not what our founding fathers intended for executive order. it is very troubling. again, i am very saddened to hear about this shooting. but i think we have to come togetherra as a nation in a calm, rational way and talk about what the research says and really why young men are killing. >> neil: you go beyond this particular incident. this isn't the president who shows a propensity for taking action on his own and bypassing congress. of late, even getting -- when it comes to issues like bypassing the debt ceiling -- on
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congress's behalf. >> democrats are urging the president to use executive order to say congress, i don't node to you raise the debt ceiling, i am going to do it on my own. i want everybody to know,utive order -- high is not the first president and won't be the last to use executive order. frankslinrosis velt passed 37 executive orders and clinton and reagan did 350-plus. i am talking about policy issues of significant magnitude that need to have a full public vetting. the american people need tock engaged in the process. we need hearing on the matter ogun control, specifically. and we really need to talk about mental health and how we as a society are not embracing people with mental health issues. that's a bigger conversation, i know, neil. >> neil: thank you for indulging all of this breaking news and being on top of it. we told you about the mulvaney
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amendment, matching dollar for dollar, any aide they are getting in like-minded cuts from discretionary spending. that was defeated, as expected on the flor of the house. to missouri running senator roy blunt. seampt othat defeat, that was expected. but it did raise a question and one i am guessing to be raising with the south carolina republican who wanted to match the aid we are giving with cuts from somewhere else, was it a crazy idea? >> well, i actually think the better fight is the fight on how much money they need and when they need t. we have never paid for disaster aid by cutting other programs. we need to budget in a better way so we know what the disasters are likely to be. but sometimes, even when you budget, you are going to exceed with a disaster, anything you think you might spend. we had a flood in 2011 on both of our rivers. we had a bad tornado in joplin
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and other tornadoes. i wasn't for... paying for that by cutting other programs at the time. but i was willing to only get the money that we knew we had to have when wer had to have it. which is why in the senate, i voted for $24 billion, that we believe could be spent between now and the end of march, rather than $60 billion that is much less defined. i think is the better way to approach this. >> neil: senator, i don't want to catch you blindly on this. you, like many people have been brought up to date on the shooting in st. louis. do you know anything more than we do? >> you know, i don't, neil. in fact, some of the reports i have got have been from your station, the fox affiliate in st. louis. i was a few blocks away from that school on saturday night this is a moment when everybody who knows anybody who works or
1:20 pm
goes to school there wants that phone call to let them know the person they know is okay, and of course, dreading the call that the one or two people who were injured, maybe even fatally injured -- i don't know that -- but this is a moment when everybody is on pins and needles, wanting to know things that probably you or i neither one know right now. i am thoughtful about all of those families involved in any possible way with people at that school. >> neil: as you know, sir, it comes thea i time when the president's planning to take action on his own, through executive order or other similar executive branch tree to rein this in. he was going to cite not just what happened in newtown, but what happened before in aurora, colorado, and what has happened between and since and in shopping malls and outside parking lots. and we have to do something about guns. that will be his argument. what do you say about that? >> well, i think woe need to look at what the common factors are and all of those cases.
1:21 pm
i do know in newtown, nobody's proposed anything that would have prevented that from happening, on the gun front. though i think in sharing information about mental health and doing a better job with dealing with people who have these obvious mental health challenges, we could have more impact. we will see. the senate majority leader said a day or two ago, he didn't think the senate would be voting on the gun legislation. that doesn't mean the president has the right to by executive order decide he can go beyond the constitution. you know, he is very activist on the executive order front and not at all activist, apparently on getting spending under control or the things that actually require the congress and the president to act together. >> neil: senator, good to see you, thank you. >> you bet. >> neil: drive a lot. they tax a lot. when you thought the tax by the mile thing was in park, a government study proves
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washington is revving to go. so you say men are superior drivers?
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>> neil: i think this is what they call a hybrid to hell. you bought the gas saver to ease your pain at the pump. now to pay and you lose your privacy to boot. it's called the mileage tax. but they might as well call at this time take away your privacy tax. explain, jamie? >> there are several initiatives in the states and the federal government, the g.a.o. office issued a report on the possibility of a mileage tax to replace the -- or go with the gas tax, with a lot of hybrids on the road, where fuel efficiency standards are increasing, as well as electric cars, a lot of states and the federal government are not getting as much of the transportation tax they -- gas
1:26 pm
tax they use for transportation that they got before. so they're are trying to figure out another way to get the money. one way is potentially, doing a pay by the mile tax. and that is what i think you are referring to with these gps systems, which is one of the propoafs to put in your car, to bible to monitor how many miles you go. >> have you to put it in your car, it's the government's way of monitoring how much you are driving and taxing you accordingly. that's creepy in and of itself. >> right? at least the federal government report mentioned that it is prohibitive, the privacy concern for such a device, that they don't think it's a doable they think nationally -- >> neil: but they do it with ev-pass and other systems that are meant to allow drivers to go through tolls and the like. >> yeah. >> neil: so there is a precedent for it on the individual state level. so i don't think -- i always find that uncle sam can be creative and resourceful when it
1:27 pm
comes to getting money. not so much saving money. but very resourceful at finding waying to get money. >> the thing is with instituting the gps system on a national level, it is cost prohibitive. you would have to come up with a system to install in the car. the g.a.o. report says that could cost 33% of all revenue that it brings in. that's a pretty high amount of money to implement that system. there is also alternatives like a one-time fee for year. washington state is instituting that on the state level for electric cars, for $100 a year because they are not using any gas, in order to get them to pay -- >> neil: man, isn't that a kick? i mean, you get a gas-saving vehicle to save on gas. you are doing just that. you are saving on gas. and then the government decides, wait a minute, you are saving too much on gas -- the cleaner vehicles we encourage to you buy, you are doing so and you are killing us, so we have to find a way to stick it to you,
1:28 pm
otherwise. >> i would argue that they get all of these subsidies from the government -- >> neil: right, right. >> they get the subsidies. they are using the roads like everybody else. as long as people believe a gas tax is a legitimate tax to pay for transportation, it is not clear to me why hybrids or electric carc should be getting a free ride. and they can use the h.o.v. lanes and things like that other drivers don't do. so if everyone else has to pay, i am upon sure why they have to pay. >> neil: and the monitoring devices, they are going to check on couples and whether one spouse or the other is cheating. in my case, it would be, "neil, you were at the bakery, weren't you?" they will track me to a dunkin donuts and there will be hell to pay. thank you. is uncle sam getting under your hood, getting over the top? what do you think? >> i don't think it's an invasion of privacy. i think when we look at the
1:29 pm
financial aspect of it, unfortunately, the gas tax didn't work. we need funds to be able to take care of expenses relate to the highways and exportation. and there are other means of tracking how many miles a driver drives. it doesn't have to be a device. they can do it through inspections -- >> neil: i am not for starkses and let them go to the sales tax. virginia is considering -- i am worried when we do a good job wanting what the government wants and the government says you aring did too good and we have to stick it to you. >> a gas tax doesn't work because it's high enough. the easy way is to raise the gas tax -- >> neil: you would rather that than have them looking at where you are driving? >> it's one thing to say i know you went over the bridge and to say, i saw you pull into the motel -- >> neil: or the dunkin donut it's equally offensive. in the name of progress and raising money, i know scott mc l0neeley of sun microsystems said, if you want your
1:30 pm
privacy -- get over it. i didn't know we had a wholesale lett down on -- letdown on this. >> i don't see it -- >> neil: a device in your car -- >> you mentioned ez-pass -- >> neil: this won't be voluntarily. this will be in my car whether i like it or not. >> that's the whole key. they are forcing to you do it. >> i think if enough citizens complain because of the invasion of privacy -- >> neil: but it bigs you, doesn't it? >> it dis. it will raise the amount of clients -- >> neil: you are a divorce lawyer with a heart who thought this through and said, wait a minute. >> the worst case -- >> neil: yeah. i bet it will. that's what bugs me about this. this is not only a pitch for dough, it's a pitch at our privacy. and it's brazen. it's pretty brazen. >> have you no choice. they put it in in your car, with
1:31 pm
ez-pass, they know when you are speeding. they get to know where you are going. >> neil: your argument is what -- to get around this -- not that there is an advocate, to find the revenue in other ways. but you think it's a slippery slope when they monitor you and your car and your driving habits and where you are going? >> it is not so much that they do, but they can. who is to say they won't? but it's so much easier just to raise the gas tax. if you have another anotherrive than to invade privacy, have you to use it. >> neil: maybe that's the mack mack -- macveilian pitch here. >> but raising the gas tax is punitive to the people who bought the greener cars. but i think there are alternatives instead of putting the tracking device -- >> neil: like cutting tracking spenning. track the government spending. get that under control before you zoom us and our privacy. that's a separate lawsuit for
1:32 pm
you. ladies, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> neil: they wanted to do what to the debt ceiling? you hear about this?
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>>r. >> neil: forget raising it -- just repeal it. a group of democrats announcing legislation to eliminate the debt ceiling altogether. this as a credit rating agency warns of a downgade if we don't
1:36 pm
fix this mess, once and for all. but is ripeeling the right fix? good to have you back, simon. >> good to be here. >> neil: here's what worries me about that. will we ever get a handle on spending, period? >> i don't agree. 9 debt ceiling is money that has been appropriated by congress. the republicans have agreed to this spending. now what we are talking about is making sure that the government has enough money to pay for t. the republicans, if they didn't want the spending, they should have fought with the democrats to prevent the budgets from being approve in the first place. i think what -- most countries in the world don't have a debt ceiling. when government -- when the congress and their equivalent appropriates the money, the government has the borrowing authority to pay for the imra money they borrow. ben bernanke said yesterday, we have to stop having these dibait overs the debt ceiling, it's a stupid idea. the head of the federal reserve. i think the democrats are
1:37 pm
frustrated. i think that's why they passed this bill -- >> neil: where was their frustration 7 years ago, when the folk who is were urging this very action today voted against raising the debt ceiling when george bush was president? where was the great constitutional resolve? >> i don't disagree with ow this. there are politics on both sides. i don't think anyone thinks this is going to pass. let's be clear. but there is growing frustration about the way the republicans are using this to go around the normal committee process -- >> neil: what were they doing seven years ago? were they going around the republican president to get their way? >> no. at the end of the day, the debt sewelling was raised. >> neil: then senator barack obama didn't want to do that because he wanted to send a message. so if republicans are of the same mind-set, what made it appropriate then and inappropriate now? >> because there was no imminent threat of the debt ceiling not being raised, right? these were protest vote ofs, as opposed to organized efforts --
1:38 pm
>> neil: i don't know. i covered at the time. that was a close call. that was a close call. every prominent democrat voted to stop it. you are right nretrospect tdidn't happen and like the prior incidents, it never happened. but i just worry about giving a president of either party cart blanch authority to go ahead and raise the debt ceiling t. does take away, what little incentive and back bone there is to show a back bone, doesn't it? >> i don't agree. neil, i have a lot of respect for you and this show. i just don't agree with you. what i wish would happen right now, let paul ryan -- the republicans are in control of the house. they have a budget committee chairman who is nationally regarded, vice-president of the republican party. let him hold hearings, engage the american people, pass a budget, challenge the democrats to meet him halfway -- >> neil: i am not saying -- [overlapping dialogue] >> neil: but they do come up with budgets. the senate has yet to introduce
1:39 pm
one -- >> agreed! >> neil: putting the onus on them to come up with budgets and putting the onus on the democrats to do the same. rather than grant free rights for the president -- of any party in the future to willie null -- nilly usurp congress. >> it is not a usurption, the president will submit a budget in february-- the traditional way, the president submits every year -- it is not like every 10 years we have a budget negotiation. things can change, right? in 200 woon, when bill clinton left office, at this point, we would have had no net debt. what changed that? the republicans chasmed that. they created the structural deficit -- >> neil: wait a minute. we can go back in time and talk about 9/11 and a recession was taking hold. i don't want to go back in history. i want to ask thufinaly, would you agree that if we get a republican president and he or she is demanding the same prerogative you want to give
1:40 pm
this president right now, you, simon, would be on board and say go for it. >> i think we should eliminate the vote over the debt ceiling, both party, both presidents for all time -- >> neil: you would give a republican the same eye am going to save this tape. when it comes to that, i am going to have you back. >> hopefully, that won't be for a long time. >> neil: i thought you would say that, touche. >> okay. >> neil: from help out of d.c. to big doings in d.c., the city is getting readyr spiffy for a piece of history. the president's inauguration on monday. since january 20 falls on a sunday, the president will be privately sworn in that day. but the hoopla is all on monday, across the capitol. and we will be there again. probably not seeing exactly the same crowds that greeted americans' first african-american president. i may not be wearing the same
1:41 pm
outfit. when we were uncovering president barack obama's first inauguration, but a lot of intrigue. we will be covering every twist and turn, with more than a few surprising guests. beginning on fox business network, catch our coverage of the inauguration, beginning at 11:30 a.m. then we switch to fox news and your world at 4:00 p.m., as the presidential parade is maneuver -- marching on and the big names roll in. back to fox business, 8:00 p.m., with continuing live coverage of the big night, the big parties and the big plans for getting back to business the next big day. so i have done my calculations here. on and off, i will be on the air about 12 hours of unique coverage on fox business and fox news. in fact, we have committed to a drinking game for the occasion. you watch both networks and see how many times i swear about the swearing in. a little game for you. we are on top of the swearing in, like nobody's business.
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the money, the politics. we are all over it. next monday. we are there. meantime, we -- look at that...
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when you walk 10,000 steps a day, it's the same as walking a professional golf course. humana. health and well-being partner of the pga tour. >> jeep is jumping ship. chrysler announcing the jeep division will be opening a new plant. but it won't be here -- it will be in china. the surprising news coming to taxpayers who were sold on an auto bailout that would save american jobs and keep them under american ownership. >> we refuse to let detroit go bankrupt. i bet on american workers and ingenuity and three years later, it's paying off in a big way. >> neil: you know, i remember that vividly. fiat, the italian automaker scooped up china. but the bailouts for criseler and g.m. were never sold under the notion that business would be shipped to china and for that
1:46 pm
matter, a lot of plants and jobs would be lost. we knew that had to happen in a structured bankruptcy. the difference here was it wasn't sold that way at a taxpayer finance bankruptcy. >> a coup of things to know. g.m. and chrysler did go through bankruptcy. it was just a bankruptcy where the obama administration put them on the scpail put creditors ahead of others, crobe crony capitalism, paying the uaw. it wasn't supposed to cost us money -- >> neil: but it had been billed as a lot of jobs are going to be lost there, a possibility one would be sold to a fern concern and move jobs overseas, it would never, never, ever have passed. >> t.a.r.p. would never have passed. i say all of this as someone with no objection to u.s. companies building factories overseas -- >> neil: absolutely. absolutely. >> that's a way of earning market share abroad.
1:47 pm
one-fourth of our export frtsz u.s. are from companies to foreign subsidies. >> neil: that's something you would never foresee e. when the u.s. taxpayers are involved and we are sold a bill of goods by the polititions in washington, we know the results they promised are never going to be mitt. we are seeing that with jeep and chrysler right now. >> neil: and the original intention of the talk was to bail out the banks and to stabilize them and we used that money for cash for clunkers and every other nefarious purpose. it always goes beyond the originalg good intention fiduciary which it's originally triggered. i hope this is a lesson and a remine -- minder to folks that maybe the end result for companies in trouble is to let them go through a bankruptcy process because that's what the taxpayers foot the bill for anyway. >> we have a long-standing bankruptcy process. we have well established legal rules. that's what g.m. and crisisler should have gone through.
1:48 pm
but the obama white house didn't want that -- >> neil: it started -- it started with bush. the argument was that that was not an option. did you buy ha? >> of course it was an option. companies do that all the time. it -- >> neil: in that meltdown period twasn't, you disagree? >> you could maybe make an argument -- i disagree with it. the banks were in meltdown mode. but there was nothing to stop g.m. and chrysler from going through a normal, as opposed to a politicized bankruptcy process. the unions would have been forced to make concession it's probably not on pay, work rules because that's where you get the big inefficiencies that make u.s. oughtie companies less competitive. >> neil: you just hit the nail on the side car there. dan mitchell, thank you. not a dollar in aid unless you match it in spending cuts. meet the congressman who is perfectly happy to get in chris
1:49 pm
christie's face. unfortunately, a lot of colleagues were not. >> the president [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ woman ] if you have the nerve to believe that cookie cutters should be for cookies, not your investment strategy. if you believe in the sheer brilliance of a simple explanation. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do: face time and think time make a difference. .. nes, it's how we make sense of investing.
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1:52 pm
>> neil: you want it match dollar for dollar, whatever aid we provide for sandy. it is likely we could run into more storms, it might be a practice to start putting into place, sooner than later. your colleagues disagree. what do you make of that? >> well... i think there are a
1:53 pm
couple of things you can say about it. first of all, to your second point about doing it differently in the future, we need a rainy-day fund. people say there is no way to predict, particularly natural disasters. but there is a way to say, look, we have them every year, why aren't we budget for them in a larger amount -- >> neil: the argument is that you valid to budget a lot. if there are going to be storms of sandy's heft. this is $60 billion. you never came up with that figure. but nevertheless, they d. if all storms are like that -- there is not a contingency fund in the world big enough for that. >> the vote today was $17 billion. there will be another vote this afternoon for the $33. but let's assume they are all going to be $60 billion. we are not going to set anything aside for them? are we not going to talk about offsets? we talked about offsets for cafrena. that hab lost in the discussion, over the courses of the months
1:54 pm
following catreenasm we rescinded 40% of the costs. there is precedent for this. i do wish it passed because i could have supported the underlying bill. i was appreciative of the opportunity to make the debate and have the argument and say, look, we have to start paying for these things. it is not right that we borrow money from china to take care of folks in nide in the northeast. >> neil: and we borrow money from china to pay china. having said that, i am wondering, congressman, you were willing to take-- the likes of chris christie and others, who crittedicized you and your colleagues for playing games with aid, sandy aid, how do you feel about that? >> i think that chris christie's objections were differentit think he is very much upset about the delay. i can't argue with him on na. we should have voted on this last year. but i can't imagine that mr. christie would attack me for wanting to pay for it. it sounds like something he might otherwise support. this was not done in the terms
1:55 pm
of delay. this was not done to try to kill the bill. it was a very straightforward argument, how worry we going to pay for it? i think chris christie would appreciate that. >> neil: quickly in the follow-up today, by tonight, we will be done with everything. will you vote for it? >> no. i am -- i am pretty certain that the last amendment tonight will pass, taking us to $60 billion. tell ultimately include the things like alaska fisheries and things in north carolina, damaged years ago, job placement programs, legal services, the roof on the smithsonian, weather balloons and satellites. that will end up in the bill tonight. that's unfortunate. i will have to vote against it. >> neil: it is. it robs the people who need the money. >> i think that's the riivetion here, neil. people are worried they are not going to get the money, congressman, very good having you. >> thank you. >> neil: so lance wants a second chance -- forgive me for sounding unforgiving, but not another dupe for this dope.
1:56 pm
hi, i'm phil mickelson.
1:57 pm
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your money needs an ally. >> neil: you probably heard lance has now come clean. now i'd like him to apologize to me. that's right. just me. not for doping. for duping. for lying. ca niving. for fooling. taking idiots like me for foo fools. so allow me to get something off my chest. don't bother with fessing up. you make me want to throw up. i was an idiot that believed you, who took your ferve rent denies that you took drugs to heart. i was a stooge to think you were unfairly maligned saint. i didn't come to this on my own. you helped me. you were so convincing

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